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The 4s is an online talk show for the streets hosted by Imam Taymullah. Tune in live every Thursday night 6pm-7pm EST and watch ex-cons, Harvard professors, world-famous authors, hood CEOs and other guests discuss, debate and decide the issues that matter to us.

Thursdays 6pm EST

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Our host, Imam Taymullah Abdur-Rahman is an educator, entrepreneur and criminal justice reform advocate. As a former chaplain of Harvard University and the Department of Corrections he has a broad base of experience.

He is the founder of Young Merchants Club, the author of 44 Ways to Manhood, creator and host of Exconversations podcast on TIDAL and a doctoral candidate of ministry at Boston University.


Every week Imam Taymullah talks to four guests from different sides of the tracks. Because The 4s streams live every week, we're able to tackle the immediate topics, headlines and current events as they happen in real time. The streets are no longer just watching, we're running the show.

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